I would definitely recommend this programme!

“I would definitely recommend this programme not just to get a job but it also means whenever we have questions we can reach out to any of you. It’s not just about interview preparation but also mental stability because during this process there are times we feel low so these catch up calls with you and the coaching sessions also help with mental health and help with our confidence.

When I received the call from the early years coordinator I was super happy, I was jumping I was crying and I was just smiling throughout the day. I realised this is what I wanted and I achieved it. I was over the moon and still I am.”

Petrishia Prabahar – Job Offer at RSM

Grad Careers Coach was one of the main stepping stones in helping me to secure my grad offer, from my coaching sessions to meeting other people on the programme and helping me have a clear pathway of what I wanted to achieve, having a strategy to achieve those goals.

Having that support system within the programme to give you that confidence in communicating in any assessment centre or interview. Having that community really helped.”

Fridous Lamptey – Job Offer at Schneider Electric

“The support system gave me confidence

I would absolutely recommend the programme!

“Even in my interactions with other international students when I hear what they’re going through, I think a lot of people underestimate what the recruitment process is like so we’re submitting applications, getting frustrated and demotivated as well because we’re not equipped on how to go about it and so I think your programme does a really great job of equipping students and giving them the necessary tools and the insight and pushing them to actually put in the work as well.

And so I would absolutely recommend the programme.”

Lusungu Muwowo – Job Offer at RSM

I immediately recognised it was the assessor and she was like we’re calling from RSM, then she continued asking me how was your resting session after yesterday’s Assessment Centre and I was like I just passed out after.

She said oh that’s good because now you can relax for a while because we have an offer for you. I was like thank you so much! You don’t know many thank yous I have to tell you. I just kept telling her thank you for 5 minutes.”

Ranjana Ranganath – Job Offer at RSM

I just kept telling her thank you so much!”

When I got the job offer I was just happy and very, very excited. I still am!

“The recruiter said we’re pleased to offer you the role in Autumn, we can see your visa expires in September and we’ll be giving you your Tier 2 visa before then.

I think I was in shock. It was one of the courses I always wanted to do, Audit / Accounting is one of my strong suits. It was everything I wanted. I was just happy and very, very excited. I still am.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone, I was so lucky to come across Grad Careers Coach and I am very appreciative about that.”

Yolam Ngoma – Job Offer at BDO

I really appreciated getting the insight from a recruiter, it was really targeted and specific to me and understanding how recruiters go about their job. That’s something I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else and I found that incredibly, incredibly valuable. Without Lienda, I would be doing things completely blind and thinking they went really well and maybe it didn’t because there was a better way to show the recruiter that I meet their expectations.

The emotional support and the job lists as well were invaluable. When I got the job offer, I was like “Oh my god!” I was in so much shock. It was surreal”

Jeannie Bhupatiraju – Job Offer at Ocado

“Thank you so much, without you this would never have happened”

GCC provides the whole support system

“Grad Careers Coach provides the complete support system. You have your Coach who helps you with areas such as interview practice and encourages you when you get rejections and you have Anika who gives you structure and goals.

GCC also provides you with a mentor, from your alumni. I spoke with Cyrus for 2 hours which was so helpful. You also have a buddy programme and I became really good friends with my buddy, Manish. He would help me when I was feeling overwhelmed and made me feel like I’m not alone. 

Thank you for supporting me through this tough journey!”

Hitomi Ikeda – Job Offer at Mazars

The one on one sessions were the most valuable, like you said, and that’s very true. They do push you forward and progress you quite dramatically.

When I found out I got my job offer, I was really happy. It kind of felt like okay, now I’ve done all the things I need to do and I can just focus on dissertation and then just rest because I was moving and I was waiting for this job offer. It was a lot of stuff happening. It felt like a stone dropping, like okay done. That’s done.”

Jiren Wang – Job Offer at Autotrader

“They progress you quite dramatically”

“I would definitely recommend GCC, 100%, no doubt”

“I would definitely recommend GCC, 100%, no doubt. It’s not just a coaching programme, it is like an essential part of your degree course. The Coaches are really awesome and GCC has really good customer service.

You are 100% focused on ensuring that the student is satisfied and that they’re getting really good results from the programme. It is a sure-fire way to increase your chances of getting a job with sponsorship. GCC is a go to option.”

Manish Balaji – Job Offer at Deloitte

I would say it’s actually valuable, honestly I don’t regret it. I remember I didn’t even know the direction, I didn’t know what to do, what a CV or cover letter looks like. I learnt all this from my coach, from the sessions and I genuinely feel like that’s just the starting point, then also how to interview.

My Coach had a background in the industry I wanted to go into so it gave me that confidence. I feel like it’s a very good programme for international students coming to the UK.”

Kolade Alabi – Job Offer at Accenture

“It’s valuable, honestly I don’t regret it”

“You get more than just a job offer”

“The coaching really helped me, someone inside the industry is there to reassure you and hold you accountable. You get a much better insight into how the recruitment cycle works and about different types of jobs.

If anyone is hesitant to join the programme I’d say just do it, you get more than just a job offer. It’s reassurance, confidence that almost 100% guaranteed.

You also learn skills that I use every day like how to present yourself, how to write professionally and know your brand which you can’t do by yourself.”

Cyrus Engineer – Job Offer at Deloitte

For me, my life changing decision was joining Grad Careers Coach because you understand where your shortcomings are and believe me, if you’re not able to do it, there is someone who can do it for you so you don’t have to take all the pressure on yourself.

The reason why I’d recommend Grad Careers Coach to people who are struggling is because getting the right advice is very important. My time was saved because of Grad Careers Coach. I would have again spent a year doing the same things again and again.”

Abhishek Sorap – Job Offer at PwC

“My life changing decision was joining Grad Careers Coach”

“GCC definitely helped me with my confidence.”

“GCC definitely helped me with my confidence. With Lienda’s help I managed to pass an interview,  and then I knew what I was doing was right and that formed a template. I used that template for other job interviews as well and started cracking them.

When I got off the phone with the recruiter it was early evening here and back in India it was around 12pm. So I just dropped the message on the family group, my parents woke up and we talked about the job offer and all that happened. They were so happy.”

Atharva Joshi – Job Offer at KPMG

“You will learn how to present yourself as a professional.”

– Sreehari Kumar

“If you don’t have somebody coaching you, it’s like being in the middle of the ocean. You may know how to swim but you don’t know where to swim. Your Coach can definitely guide you especially because they are working for the big corporates. They can tell you how to present yourself as a professional. At my Assessment Centre there were 289 other candidates and I knew I had to stand out and show the employer that I’m a good fit for them.

Re’anne showed me the difference between how a normal student would answer a question and how an expert would answer and that really helped me.”

Sreehari Kumar – Job Offer at Deloitte

“Before joining the programme my main challenge was structuring my interview answers correctly and gaining interview/presentation confidence. Also being able to think on my feet when I am given an interview question I have not prepared for.

The best thing about the Coaching Programme is the 1-1 sessions with a career’s coach. It may seem quite obvious but individual coaching sessions with more tailored feedback made me improve a lot faster compared to any advice I received elsewhere (which was usually too broad and generic). 

One of the best investments I have made for my career so far!”

Maaz Khan – Job Offer at Deloitte

“One of the best investments I have made for my career so far!”

“I was so happy and overwhelmed. The feeling of being offered a job is truly amazing.”

“As part of our coaching sessions we would run through what to expect in the interview and almost 70 – 80% of the time the questions we would discuss actually came up in the interviews. Once you’ve given that answer before you know exactly what to say. It just gives you that confidence. The real value for me was the coaching sessions. It was really useful to have someone to give you feedback.

I applied to 20 different jobs and I got to 3 Assessment Centres. The Arup one was the most difficult but that ended up being the one I got. It just shows you have to keep moving forward no matter what. I got the job offer 2 days after the Assessment Centre. I was in complete shock when I got the phone call. I was so happy and overwhelmed. The feeling of being offered a job is truly amazing.”

Renosi (Rennie) Momoh – Job Offer at ARUP

“I guess some people would say it’s not worth it if you have to pay, and you can get free services at your university or online, but Grad Careers Coach gave me specific insights into industries and the skill sets I really needed for each role. Also having someone who works in that industry, like my Coach, to tell you that you are good enough gave me confidence.

The same day I went to the Assessment Centre, I got the email and it said “Congratulations, you’ve got the offer!” and I was like, what! As cheesy as that sounds, it kinda changed my life.”

Stephanie Fung – Job Offer at KPMG

“I opened the email and it said “Congratulations, you’ve got the offer!” and I was like, what!”

“Priceless knowledge which helps you to become the best version of yourself on the day it matters the most”

“I had applied to more than 40 companies and received rejections from all of them before reaching out to Grad Careers Coach. When I joined their program I was provided with a Tier 2 sponsor list of companies tailored to my needs, and I was coached by an amazing recruiter who was always willing to help.

She helped me understand what recruiters in the UK are looking for and how to prepare for different stages of the recruitment process. The coaching sessions and workshops provide priceless knowledge which helps you to become the best version of yourself on the day it matters the most. I got a call from the partner offering me the job and said they want me to start as soon as possible!”

Vedant Madhok – Job Offer at RSM

“I had applied to a few jobs before but all I got was rejections and then I went to the first Grad Careers Coach workshop one week into joining the program and it was about branding yourself and interview and I never thought about any of this. I thought about what are my strengths, what is actually my weakness and then I started adding that to my applications and Cover Letter. I am glad that I already had started practicing with my coach Lienda how to answer interview questions and prepare for the next stages.

If I hadn’t thought about the real skills I have and how to answer and practice interviews, I wouldn’t have actually gotten this job offer.”

Diya Maria Babu – Job Offer at KBM

“I still can’t believe I’ve got a job offer”

“My Coach went above and beyond to help me.”

Before GCC, I applied to many companies that didn’t sponsor. That’s when I found them online and joined their programme. My issue wasn’t my CV but knowing how to present myself and ace strengths-based interviews, and my Coach Jayde went above and beyond to help me with this.
I got through to 3 Assessment Centres and applied the skills I learnt during the coaching sessions. Just 24 hours after the Assessment Centre, I got a call from the partner offering me a job

Geyin Lee – Job Offer at EY

“After an initial consultation with Anika, she matched me with my Coach who had experience in the organisation I actually applied for. The coaching sessions cover quite a few different areas from how to improve your CV, how to identify my strengths, industry specific knowledge and company information and we would go through my interview answers. The biggest benefits of having a careers coach is to have someone help me to identify my strengths and competencies and to build up my confidence.

I went to the Assessment Centre and after a week I was offered a job which was on my birthday which was really great. Anika and her team are really genuine, willing to help and they understand how frustrating the situation can be.”

Yinqi Wu – Job Offer at Grant Thornton

“I was offered a job which was on my birthday which was really great”

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