General FAQs


Should I wait until I finish my studies before applying for graduate job/graduate schemes with visa sponsorship?

It depends on when you want to start working and what type of job you’re looking for.

If you want to start working pretty soon after graduating then you shouldn’t wait until you finish your studies to start applying for graduate jobs with visa sponsorship. Graduate programmes or graduate schemes are usually open from the end of August / September time which means you should apply for these as soon as you start your final year or your Master’s degree. Many UK employers hire up to 1 year in advance.

For international students, this will mean you could be offered a job well before you finish your studies and then you will be issued your work visa nearer the job start date. The best chance for you to secure a job with visa sponsorship is through a graduate job, graduate programme or graduate scheme at a sponsoring company.

I am going to be eligible for the new Graduate Route (Post Study) Work visa, do I need a visa to work in the UK?
No, the big benefit of this new post study visa is that you can work in the UK without needing any work visa for a period of up to 2 years maximum. The UK government wants to give international students the opportunity to work here after graduating, and this is the reason for the extension.
Will the new Graduate Route (Post Study) work visa guarantee me a job with visa sponsorship in the UK?
No. With the new graduate route visa it’s easy to relax and think you have plenty of time so it will be much easier. However, if you’re serious about staying and working in the UK on a long term, permanent basis (longer than 2 years), then you need to secure a job with visa sponsorship. The graduate route will not guarantee this.

Any UK company can hire you for 2 years without a visa, however in order to hire you longer than 2 years, they will need to 1) have the legal licence to sponsor your visa and 2) be willing to sponsor your visa. If the company does not have the licence and is not willing to sponsor you, then you will be in the exactly the same position after 2 years and you will have to leave the UK.

Companies sponsoring your work visa tend to be large companies who wish to hire “fresh” graduates so if you wait too long to apply you may harm your career prospects and miss out on these great opportunities.

Has “Brexit” affected your chances of getting a job in the UK?
The impact of Brexit is still unknown at this early stage, and the impact will vary across different industries. However, the great news is that the introduction of the new points based system means that sponsorship will become a more common practice for UK companies in the future.

The new system makes it easier for UK companies to hire EU / International workers. For example, companies are no longer required to run a Resident Labour Market Test even if you apply from outside of the UK. If you’re in the UK employers can now issue the Certificate of Sponsorship themselves rather than having to apply for it and wait, making the process quicker.

We hope these positive changes will result in more willingness to sponsor. However, this might also invite more applications from abroad which means that knowing how to stand out as a candidate is even more important now than ever.

What are my chances of securing a sponsored graduate job in the UK?

The chances of securing a sponsored graduate job vary from student to student. In our experience, there are 9 key areas that you should look at to improve your chances of securing a sponsored graduate job. You can use this free assessment to find your chances of securing a graduate job in the UK and the key areas of improvement to improve your chances of success.


Coaching Programme FAQs

How much do you charge for your services?
It depends on the level of support you are looking for, if you’re just getting started and have a limited budget we would recommend joining our careers platform, The Launchpad, for £47 a month. If you’re serious about securing a graduate job offer with visa sponsorship in the UK and would like one to one coaching helping you get from job application to the job offer stage, our Coaching Programmes start at £945 a month.

We have a premium programme which comes with a Job Offer Guarantee, however places are limited and you will need to apply. There are only two intakes a year for our Coaching Programmes.

What’s the difference between the one to one coaching sessions and the workshops?
During the one to one coaching sessions you’ll get individual help and feedback. Sessions can cover perfecting your current job applications, creating a job strategy / action plan, maximising your LinkedIn profile, passing online assessments, perfecting your interview and assessment centre skills. They are intense sessions focussed on the key areas that you need the most help with.

The group workshops are run by our Coaching team, UK Graduate Recruiters, and they cover Personal Branding, Interview and Assessment Centre training. For example, a recent workshop was on “Passing Case Study Interviews.” All programme members are invited to attend so you will have the chance to meet and learn from the others, and gain live feedback. If you’re invited to an Assessment Centre, the group workshop will give you the practice you need. You will experience what an AC involves and how to successfully pass one.

Will your job list include companies I’ve already applied for?
At the start of your Coaching Programme, we asked for a list of the jobs you’ve already applied for, when you applied and the outcome / stage you reached. Many companies do not allow you to reapply until after 6 months or even a year. Based on your list, we won’t send you any job roles that you can’t reapply for, and you will receive regular fresh job roles.
Do you help students with the visa application once they receive a job offer?
As long as you have all the required documents and a completed university degree, the process of applying for the work visa is usually very straight forward. Most companies will have a HR or a legal team that will apply for the visa for you and will pay all of the related fees.

If you have any issues, then yes of course we will help you. We work closely with immigration lawyers who can provide individual and up to date advice on how to get your work visa successfully processed.

Can you help me to apply for jobs that aren't related to my degree?
Yes, we can help you apply for jobs that aren’t directly related to your degree. We’ve helped many international students secure top graduate jobs with sponsorship that are unrelated to their degree. An exception to this is that there are some jobs that will require you to have a certain degree. For example, some technical / Engineering roles tend to require you to at least have a degree in STEM. Whereas, if you are looking to apply for jobs in business, accounting, HR consulting, banking and finance etc, most of these jobs do not require you to have a specific degree to apply and training will be provided.

If you want to apply for jobs that are not related to your study, you will benefit greatly from the coaching of our Graduate Recruiters. They will help you to identify the types of jobs you can apply for and you can benefit from their industry knowledge. The important thing is to understand your target industry and ensure you know exactly how you can stand out among other applicants.