Proven, practical careers coaching for international students who want to secure a graduate job in the UK with visa sponsorship.


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Grad Careers Coach specialises in securing you top jobs in Professional Services, Investment Banking, Engineering and Technology. Our Coaches are Graduate Recruiters who work in these sectors and therefore have the industry insight as well as the recruitment knowledge that you need to guarantee your job success.

Most international students struggle to find suitable graduate jobs in the UK with visa sponsorship and are confused about the recruitment process.

Grad Careers Coach uses industry knowledge and our friendly and supportive team of expert Graduate Recruiters to:

1) match you with suitable sponsoring jobs and,
2) help you step by step apply to them, securing you exciting job offers at top UK companies.

We are experienced in preparing international students for success.
Everything we do is based around building confidence.

On our coaching programme you will get:


1) A list of Suitable Grad Jobs with Visa Sponsorship
No need to spend hours online researching jobs and getting frustrated. You receive a graduate jobs list that is suitable for you based on your degree, experiences and personality. This saves you valuable time to focus on your studies, and enjoy student life.

2) One to One Coaching with a Graduate Recruiter
You won’t miss out on valuable job opportunities as you will be coached one to one by an expert Graduate Recruiter. You’ll have insider knowledge that none of your peers will have, and a clear step by step plan on securing a job. No more rejections in your inbox.

3) Revisions of your Job Applications
As well as having your dedicated Coach help you create your CV, cover letters and job applications you can also access a Job Application Revision Service. You simply email our team your job application and you’ll receive a full review with edits and feedback.

4) Access to Group Workshops run by Graduate Recruiters
You will get real life experience of what to expect during the recruitment process. You’ll feel confident in your interview and Assessment Centre skills by getting live feedback from a graduate recruiter and you’ll learn from other international students who are progressing.

5) Access to online practice aptitude tests
These tests are designed to filter out candidates early in the recruitment process. Practising and passing these tests is key. Access unlimited practice tests including numerical, verbal, situational judgement, and logical reasoning.

6) Membership of The Launchpad Careers platform
You can access all the resources you need to support you in securing a top graduate job including a list of the top sponsoring companies, mini masterclasses, CV templates and downloadable guides.

7) Access to a Buddy System and Mentor Network
As well as having a dedicated Coach, you will also be supported by your “buddy” and be able to access our mentor network consisting of international graduates who successfully secured top graduate jobs with visa sponsorship. 

By joining our coaching programme you will:

Save so much valuable time as you will be provided with suitable jobs, meaning you will have more time to focus on your studies

Have a clear job strategy so you know exactly what jobs to apply to, how to apply and when
Avoid all of the common mistakes all students make when applying to jobs so you won’t waste any top job opportunities
Receive step by step coaching from job search to job offer
Make your family and friends proud

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Enrolment dates vary depending on the time of year.

Success Stories

“I was so happy and overwhelmed. The feeling of being offered a job is truly amazing.”

As part of our coaching sessions we would run through what to expect in the interview and almost 70 – 80% of the time the questions we would discuss actually came up in the interviews. Once you’ve given that answer before you know exactly what to say. It just gives you that confidence. The real value for me was the coaching sessions. It was really useful to have someone to give you feedback. I applied to 20 different jobs and I got to 3 Assessment Centres. The Arup one was the most difficult but that ended up being the one I got. It just shows you have to keep moving forward no matter what. I got the job offer 2 days after the Assessment Centre. I was in complete shock when I got the phone call. I was so happy and overwhelmed. The feeling of being offered a job is truly amazing.

Renosi (Rennie) Momoh

After an initial consultation with Anika, she matched me with my Coach who had experience in the organisation I actually applied for. The coaching sessions cover quite a few different areas from how to improve your CV, how to identify my strengths, industry specific knowledge and company information and we would go through my interview answers. The biggest benefits of having a careers coach is to have someone help me to identify my strengths and competencies and to build up my confidence. I went to the Assessment Centre and after a week I was offered a job which was on my birthday which was really great. Anika and her team are really genuine, willing to help and they understand how frustrating the situation can be. My advice would be to never give up, just keep trying to be better every day, learn from your mistakes and keep your mind open to different opportunities

Yinqi Wu

“I was offered a job which was on my birthday which was really great”

“My Coach went above and beyond to help me.”

“Before GCC, I applied to many companies that didn’t sponsor. That’s when I found them online and joined their programme. My issue wasn’t my CV but knowing how to present myself and ace strengths-based interviews, and my Coach Jayde went above and beyond to help me with this.
I got through to 3 Assessment Centres and applied the skills I learnt during the coaching sessions. Just 24 hours after the Assessment Centre, I got a call from the partner offering me a job.

Geyin Lee

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“My advice is to let the professional coaches guarantee your progress”

I decided to join Grad Careers Coach back in December and I gained great support from Re’anne, Lienda, and Anika on my CV, career goals, how to write cover letters, how to promote myself, and how to build my Linkedin profile., I have seen myself making great progress even after half of the coaching sessions.

If you want to gain great success and make the best out of your time, my advice is to let the professional coaches guarantee your progress and the ultimate goal of finding a job with Tier 2 visa sponsorship.

I am really grateful that I got to know this great team and have had great experience and support during the starting point of my career path in the UK.

Jessie Tan

I had applied to a few jobs before but all I got was rejections and then I went to the first Grad Careers Coach workshop one week into joining the program and it was about branding yourself and interview and I never thought about any of this. I thought about what are my strengths, what is actually my weakness and then I started adding that to my applications and Cover Letter. I am glad that I already had started practicing with my coach Lienda how to answer interview questions and prepare for the next stages. If I hadn’t thought about the real skills I have and how to answer and practice interviews, I wouldn’t have actually gotten this job offer.

Diya Maria Babu

I still can’t believe I’ve got a job offer