It may seem a little strange to write about the graduate job market in 2019 as we’re already in April!

However, we have noticed in the last few weeks, that many international students are only now starting to focus on their job applications.

The outlook is looking bright for 2019 graduates as the number of graduate vacancies are expected to make a come back after the initial nervousness surrounding Brexit.

However, competition for graduate roles is still tough and students should be prepared to stand out during their job hunt.

5 Top Trends in the graduate job market in 2019

Below is a brief roundup of the top trends we’re seeing so far this year, let’s start with the good news…

1. Graduate vacancies are rising

According to a new study by The Institute of Student Employers (ISE), we can expect to see a stronger graduate job market this year with an 11 percent rise in the number of vacancies available.

The public sector is expected to grow the most with a 22 percent increase. IT and Utility firms are also buoyant with a rise of 18 percent and 13 percent respectively.

Stephen Isherwood, Chief Executive of the ISE said:

“Over the last couple of years the recruitment season has been heavily influenced by the Brexit vote and nervousness over the economy, but we’re now seeing a return to normal state of play. There’s a positive mood from employers in this space at the moment and students should feel reassured by this renewed confidence. There are around 20 percent more vacancies overall this year.

2. Are traditional CVs and applications forms on the way out?

The graduate job market in 2019 sees businesses increasingly use new technology and more unusual methods to recruit graduates.

L’Oreal has introduced a virtual reality aspect where graduates go on a tour of their offices and take part in a virtual meeting that assesses their personality and judgement.

Timpson uses the Mr Men books as part of their hiring process to gain an understanding into personality traits.

Byte London recently introduced a chatbot that asks key questions such as, “Do you have the right to work in the UK?”

Most employers, however, are still relying on CVs to start their recruitment process, so don’t write yours off just yet.

3. Video interviews are the norm

Just as tech is weaving its way into application procedures, graduate recruiters and employers now commonly use video interviews.

Indeed, the ISE reports that 53% of its member employers now use video interviews, compared to 42% in the previous year and just 6% five years ago.

Video interviews most commonly involve either a phone-style interview over a software like Skype or having to record your answers to questions that flash up on the screen.

Video interviews are easy to arrange as you are not required to travel and help to move the recruitment process along more quickly.

If you haven’t had a video interview before, you shouldn’t worry. Simply treat it like you would a face-to- face interview and ensure that you are well-prepared.


4. Employers want you to enjoy the recruitment process

For most students and graduates, having to submit applications and attend interviews isn’t something to look forward to.

It can be nerve-wracking, and you can feel the pressure to find a good graduate job quickly.

Ultimately if they offer you the job, they want you to accept and you are only going to accept if you like their business and felt excited about the role throughout the recruitment process.

Another positive change for the graduate job market in 2018 is that employers genuinely want you to have a positive experience.


5. Employers will give you feedback

Even if you are unsuccessful, employers want to leave you with a positive impression of their business and the majority are now happy to offer feedback.

You should always ask for feedback if an employer turns you down as it will allow you to make improvements for next time.

It’s worth noting that often feedback will be given the further along you are in the application stage.


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