Just because you’re not the boldest of people doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed in your career. We all have different personalities, the world would be pretty boring if we didn’t!

Whether you’re quiet, boastful or somewhere in between, there’s room at the top for everyone. If you’re the modest type, you may feel that getting your dream graduate job is impossible.

So, are you really too shy to get a job?

Of course not! Just because you’re more of an introvert than most doesn’t mean that you can’t find a graduate role.

All it means is that you need to go about things a little differently.

Successful job hunters know how to really sell their skills, strengths and experience to potential employers. However, for the shy job applicant, something that essentially feels like bragging can be way out of your comfort zone.

Remember, if you don’t show a recruiter or interviewer that you have what it takes, someone else will!

Here’s how to do it, even if you’re shy.


  1. Believe in yourself

It may sound like the cheesy moral of a Disney film, but self-belief is your first step to overcoming job hunt shyness.

Think about it – if someone was trying to convince you to buy something, but you felt that they didn’t mean what they were saying, would they make the sale?

Unlikely. If you don’t really believe the claims you make throughout a job application, the employer won’t buy them!

You don’t need to convince yourself that you’re something you’re not.

Self-belief in the context of looking for a job is more about reflecting on your skills, experience and abilities.

Take some time to think about your strengths and why you would be an asset to a business.

Once you know, and believe, the reasons you would be perfect for a job, it will feel much easier to sell yourself.

Graduate job hunting in a suit with superhero cape shadow


  1. Retune your attitude

Everyone has their own ways of thinking, so changing your frame of mind can feel like something that’s easier said than done. However, seeing things from a new perspective can help you to reprogram a modest mind!

Being modest is a great personal attribute to have, but in the graduate job hunt, it can result in you holding back.

If this sounds familiar, ask yourself one question: how will an employer know that you’re great for the job if you don’t tell them? Don’t look at it as bragging or boasting, you’re simply giving them the facts!

You know that you would be a great fit for the role, you need to give the employer all the proof they need so they think so too.

There’s nothing boastful or arrogant about that, you’re just helping them see the truth!


  1. Be subtle

If you’re still worried about appearing big headed when applying for jobs, you can sell yourself in less obvious ways.

You can show that you’re great at something without outright saying it if that makes you more comfortable.

Use examples and evidence of your achievements to demonstrate the skills you possess. In fact, this will probably help you stand out from the other candidates – recruiters like proof!



Job hunting if you’re introverted presents a unique set of obstacles.

However, with a little self-belief and some new approaches, there’s nothing you won’t be able to overcome! And don’t forget to remind yourself that you’re not too shy to get a graduate job!

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