Post Study Tier 4 Visa Extensions for up to 12 Months

Did you know that around 750,000 international students come to the UK every year to study?

Good news – there may be a new rule allowing you to stay longer after finishing studies. This is according to today’s article in The Times newspaper.


What the Report Says

Yesterday the MAC (Migration Advisory Committee) produced a report, summarising their advice to the government.

At the moment international students like you get to stay for 4 months after your studies have finished which isn’t much time for you to then secure a graduate job in the UK.

As we speak to hundreds of you every month, we know the challenges you face.

During term time you’re busy with your exams, coursework and deadlines. You don’t have much time to focus on finding a graduate job.

Then when you’re all finished, and finally free of your studies – you only have a precious few months to dedicate to job hunting. It’s tough!

So this new rule could be life changing.

“International students bring clear benefits to the whole of the UK,” said Professor Alan Manning, chairman of the MAC committee.

“They support the education of domestic students, research and local economies. Graduates are an important source of skilled workers for the UK economy.”

We at Grad Careers couldn’t agree more.


New Tier 4 Visa Extension Rules

So what do the new rules mean?

The committee recommends allowing PhD students and Master’s students to stay in the UK longer after their studies.

  • For PhD students you could automatically be allowed to stay for up to 12 months.
  • For Master’s students you could be able to stay for 6 months, rather than 4.

This essentially means you are under less pressure to secure a job and fast. Having extra time to focus on applying to graduate jobs will mean that it will be easier to secure jobs with sponsorship.


One of the biggest reasons international students fail to secure a Tier 2 graduate job in the UK is because of timing. Applying too late or literally running out of time.

It’s unclear when the new rules will be applied but it’s very good news for future international students.

So if you’re worried that the UK is not welcoming to foreign students, then you can relax. Hopefully this report can inspire confidence that studying in the UK is a good plan.

“As this report makes clear, international students play an important and positive role in our education system, economy and society. We are committed to ensuring we continue to attract the best international students.


Are you an international student already in the UK?

Ok, so these new rules won’t apply to you just yet.

That means you only have 4 months after your studies to secure a Tier 2 graduate job but don’t worry. That’s where we can help you.

Do you have at least 4 months on your Tier 4 student visa?

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