Last week we carried out a survey asking a group of international students UK, just like you, about careers and job hunting. Some of the results were surprising, here’s what we found out.

Most international students experience problems in finding a job in the UK. Despite the fact that they have degrees from reputable universities, and an excellent academic track record, some of you are clearly struggling to get your dream job.

International students UK experience

Here’s what we discovered:

1) Most of you love the UK!

Some of the reasons you gave for wanting to work and stay here:

  • British culture
  • Higher salary
  • Social benefits/better standard of living
  • Professional career development
  • Family or partner in the UK

Out of all the choices above, the top reasons are the British culture and a better standard of living. Despite the high living costs and overwhelming population in London, you are drawn to the welcoming and friendly culture of the British people.

Also, you can enjoy the many of the social benefits this country provides if you become a permanent resident or get married to a British citizen.

1) International students UK have many reasons for wanting a job here

2) You have major concerns when looking for a UK job.

Out of all the students, over 45% of you said your biggest concern or worry is the high competition for graduate jobs.

The other top concerns are visa issues (getting from a Tier 4 to a Tier 2 general visa) and the future job prospects in your home country.


3) Most of you go online for advice.

  • Department careers advisor
  • Friends/classmates
  • Online materials
  • University careers advisor
  • Other

The number one source of career support has come from searching online. This is not too surprising, however online resources are not always reliable or up to date. International students UK use their online network to gather information about graduate jobs.

Another source of support is from your university careers advisor, many of you stated you have only received a 30 – 45 minute consultation session.


4) Many of you need more career advice and support.

The type of career advice needed will vary from student to student. Out of a long list, the top three areas you said you need additional support in are:

  • Career planning and advice
  • Interview tips and skills
  • Interview practice


5) You have not submitted enough job applications.

The number of job applications you need to submit is high. In order to increase your chances of success you really do need to keep sending out job applications, we recommend a minimum of 25 – 30.

Not only will your job applications become stronger over time as you improve your technique, but you increase your chances of getting a job offer substantially.

Take note: Sending out 1 – 10 job applications is simply not enough!

6) Companies often do not provide feedback.

Out of all the students who took part in the survey, only 15% received any feedback. So do not worry if you have not heard back from the company, this is normal. Getting constructive feedback is hugely valuable however many large employers do not have the time to provide this.

All you can do is move on to your next job application, and just keep going.



  • Most of you want to work in the UK, but have concerns about the intense competition for graduate jobs.
  • You mainly go online for careers advice, and also ask your friends for help and have visited your university careers advisor.
  • However, some of you still need more help and support, particularly in career planning, interview tips and interview practice.
  • Many of you have not submitted enough job applications.
  • Many companies do not provide feedback. This makes it difficult to know in which areas you need to improve. Without this, it can be a bit difficult to get your dream job.


What you can do:

  • Our programmes are designed for international students like you who have received careers advice and support already, but need additional help. We provide intensive one to one careers coaching to fast track your success. We get to know you and can identify your areas of improvement, which will increase your chances of getting a job offer.

Book a free consultation today.


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