Searching for a graduate job after university can be a long process. Focus on how to stay motivated during your graduate job search.

Browsing online, reading job descriptions, writing covering letters, filling out applications forms and tailoring your CV takes time and effort.

Staying motivated during your graduate job search can be one of the most challenging parts. This is especially true if you are putting in the effort but aren’t hearing back from employers.

However, it’s important to remember that finding the right match for you isn’t going to happen overnight.

This isn’t only the case for graduates, professionals with years of experience often find it difficult to find their next step, too.


So, how to stay motivated during your graduate job search?

  1. Make a plan
  • Looking for a graduate job should be treated like a full-time job itself. Give yourself working hours that you will spend job hunting and set yourself manageable goals each day.
  • Think about where you are going to look for roles today, how many you want to apply for (be realistic about the time it takes for each application) and how you are going to divide your time.

how to stay motivated during your graduate job search

  • By having a clear plan and setting goals, you’ll feel like you have achieved something every single day.
  • You should also make a record of the roles you apply for so that you can keep track and chase up any companies that you don’t hear back from within a couple of weeks following the application deadline.


  1. Take a break
  • If your job search is like a full-time job, naturally you need to give yourself breaks. You can still take some time for yourself to just relax.
  • Giving your brain the time to switch off will help you to be more productive when you do get stuck back into your job search.


  1. Get active
  • What does exercise have to do with job searching? Well, exercise is a stress buster and happiness booster so it’s perfect when you’re wondering how to stay motivated during your graduate job search. If you’ve spent a couple of hours sat at your desk job searching, take an active break. This will give your brain a rest and your motivation a boost.
  • You don’t need to do anything too strenuous, a brisk walk is enough to get those endorphins flowing.


Four Healthy Young Women Jogging at the Park in the Afternoon with a Pet Dog.

Four Healthy Young Women Jogging at the Park in the Afternoon with a Pet Dog.

  • Once you’re feeling refreshed and positive you can get back to your job search.


  1. Volunteer
  • If you’re not already working while conducting your job search, think about completing some voluntary work. This could be for a charity or unpaid work within your chosen industry or field.
  • Voluntary work will give your CV and job applications a boost while you conduct your job search.
  • It will also give you an opportunity to develop key skills that will benefit you both personally and professionally.
  • As an added bonus, volunteering will be a welcome break from job searching which will help with boosting your motivation.



Ultimately, you need to remember that all the effort you put into your job search will be worth it. When you start your fantastic graduate job you’ll know you earned it.

It’s important to remember that staying motivated and positive throughout your job search will keep you on the path to success. You need to keep your applications at their best and when it comes to interviews, employers want to see confidence and positivity.

Stay positive because you will get there and it is just a case of mind over matter.

Good luck!

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