Are you looking to make a big impression with your CV? Of course you are and that’s why it is so important to avoid making careless mistakes. Read our article for the top graduate CV tips.

It only takes a couple of miss-spelled words or an unprofessional email address for employers to start doubting your credibility. Your CV needs to show you in the best possible light and it needs to make employers want to pick up the phone and interview you.


So what are the most common mistakes that graduates make?

1. Spelling and grammar

It is so obvious that your spelling and grammar needs to be perfect, this is one of the top graduate CV tips. However, it is one of the most common mistakes that employers see on CVs.

The Recruitment and Employment Federation (REC) reported that around half of the CVs that recruiters receive contain spelling and grammar errors.

Graduates are some of the worst culprits, being twice as likely to make mistakes in comparison to people who did not attend university!

Check, double check and get friends and family to check your spelling and grammar before sending your CV.


2. Not tailoring your CV

Every graduate job that you apply for will be unique, so sending the same generic CV is not the best strategy. Read every job description carefully and tailor your CV to ensure that you match the requirements.

How can an employer turn you down when you tick all the right boxes?


3. Using clichés

Buzzwords such as team-player, great communicator and a strong leader are over-used and meaningless without any evidence to back them up.

Never list skills on your CV without supporting them.

If you want to show you are a great team-player write about how you worked as part of a team during work experience or your part time job and show off the results you achieved.


4. Unprofessional email addresses

An unprofessional email address right at the top of your CV will not make a great impression. It’s best to include your name and no more than a couple of numbers where necessary.

One of the biggest graduate CV tips is making sure you appear professional. If your current email address is not appropriate, e.g., then set up a new account especially for your job search.


5. Elaborate fonts

It can be tempting to make your CV “look good” or stand out by using elaborate fonts.

However, it is always best to stick to simple, easy-to-read fonts.

Remember that employers and recruiters will have a lot of CVs to read through and they’re not going to waste much time trying to decipher what yours says.

Arial, Calibri, and Tahoma are all safe bets.


6. Incorrect contact details

You should always include your email address and phone number on your CV. Making sure these details are correct is vital!

An employer won’t be able to get in touch with you if you accidently get a number or letter wrong.


7. Long sentences

Your CV should be clear and concise. It shouldn’t be longer than 2 pages.

You don’t need to go into a huge amount of detail when writing about your skills and experience. Bullet points tend to work better than long paragraphs and make your CV much easier to read.

Remember, you will be able to explain further when you secure that all-important interview!

Don’t damage your chances by making CV mistakes that are easily avoided. Hope you have found these top graduate CV tips useful!

Have you checked your CV for these 7 errors?


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