What to bring to a job interview

Do you have a graduate job interview coming up? Once you’ve conducted your research and picked out the perfect outfit, the final task on your list should be making sure that you have everything you need.

Remember, a job interview is the final hurdle in your job hunting process, so preparation is key!

With so many things to remember and focus on, it’s often easy to forget some of the simple things you should take with you to a job interview. Here are 7 key items that you won’t want to forget.


What to bring to a job interview: 7 key items

  1. A pen and notepad

At the interview, it’s likely you will be given a lot more information on the role. The chances of you remembering all of the details are pretty slim so be sure to pack a pen and notepad so that you can jot down some key points. These notes could be crucial if it comes to comparing job offers further down the line.

what to bring to a job interview notepad

Taking notes during your interview also shows the interviewer that you are enthusiastic about the role, so don’t be shy about getting out your notepad when it comes to them telling you more about the opportunity.


  1. Questions

Towards the end of almost every interview, the interviewer will ask Do you have any questions?

Having some intelligent questions prepared is essential when thinking about what to bring to a job interview. You may want to write these down in your notepad so that you don’t forget them and can make notes on the answers.

TIP: Don’t ask questions that you could have found the answers to yourself with a bit of online research.

It’s better to ask about the team you will be working with, the training you will receive and the challenges that come with the role.


  1. The job description

While you won’t need to refer to the job description during the interview, it’s definitely worth having a copy of that you can read over before going in. Remind yourself of what key skills and qualities the job requires and be ready to show them off and evidence them in your interview.

Have a copy of your CV with you in case you are asked to give more detail about what you have written.


  1. Key interview details

You may have a useful email with all the details you need, but remember that internet access is never guaranteed (it always seems to be unavailable at the most inconvenient time!).

Just to be safe, print off or make a note of key details such as the location address and a contact telephone number and the name of your interviewer.


  1. Relevant forms and certificates

Have you been asked to complete any forms or bring certificates and ID with you? Double check that you have everything the company has asked for. If you have it, take your degree certificate along as they may require proof of your degree.

what to bring to a job interview

The company may also require your visa information, so have this prepared too.


  1. A smart bag

You’ll want to smart bag or folder to carry all your items in. This will make you look professional and organised and should complement your smart interview outfit.


  1. A smile

Don’t forget to bring your smile to the interview. A smile goes a long way and will help make your interviewer like and connect with you.

Now you have everything you need for your interview, you can go there with confidence and feeling ready to make a great impression.

Good luck!


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