University can often feel like spinning plates.

Striking the balance between your studies, social life and sleep isn’t easy.

Trying to look for a job on top of everything else may seem impossible, but it’s doable. There are tricks that can help you keep all of those plates spinning!


4 tips how to balance job hunting and studying for your degree:

1) Get ready

Starting to send applications seems like a mammoth chore if you have no idea where to begin. Before you throw yourself into looking for jobs, get all of the basics sorted first.

The main thing is to have an idea of what types of roles you want to focus on.

Once you have a plan in mind, now it’s time to get all of the relevant admin out of the way.

  • Do you have a LinkedIn profile set up?
  • Make sure that your CV is up to date and looking great. If you think you may need a few different versions
  • Put together your cover letter template

After this, you’re ready to go!


2) Make a schedule

This sounds like the most boring thing ever, but it will really help! By no means do you need to meticulously plan your days down to the very last second.

However, having some form of schedule will help you get into a job hunting routine.

balancing job hunting and studies graduate job tips

Even if all you do is spend one hour every day to send out some applications, that’s enough!

Adopting a ‘little and often’ approach to the job hunt will help you to send out lots of applications without overdoing it.


3) Reward yourself

Job hunting gets boring – there’s no getting around that fact. Yes, it’s a little monotonous and tiring but that’s no excuse! Reward yourself by breaking up your time.

Have some ‘treats’ that you’ll allow yourself when you hit a certain milestone during your job hunting sessions.

Here are some ideas:

  • Allow yourself some social media time after sending 5 applications
  • Go and get yourself a cup of tea if you’ve been at it for more than 45 mins
  • Don’t let yourself go out with your friends/watch a TV show until you submit a certain number of applications

Having something to look forward to or to break up the monotony acts as a goal and can boost your productivity!


4) Keep going

Did you ever start something and not finish it? A hobby? A fitness regime?

It’s tempting to give up if something is difficult. When it comes to the job hunt, it pays to keep going.

Yes, there may be jobs you get rejected for, but don’t be disheartened. Rejection is all part of the process!

Rejections are an opportunity to get feedback, you have the chance to learn. You’ll know what not to do next time.



Be patient, finding a job can take a while.

Remember, you need to find the right job for you, so if it takes a little longer, it will be worth it in the end.

Try your best to stay motivated and positive throughout your job search.


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