Employability skills are what stands out on your CV. There are a number of key skills that employers want to see from graduates and if you can develop these whilst you study, you’ll be in a great position when you graduate.


  1. Communication

Communication is key! Whatever career you choose after university, communication skills will be extremely important. We’re talking about both written and verbal communication here. Your university essays should help you to hone your writing skills. Be sure to show off them off with a well-written and grammatically correct CV.

Delivering presentations and working a part-time job with an element of customer service will allow you to develop your verbal communication skills too.

In any role, at the very least you will need to be able to produce well-written emails and communicate well with colleagues. Which brings us onto our next skill…


  1. Teamwork

How many jobs out there do not involve team work? Not many! Luckily for you, you should have plenty of opportunities to develop your teamwork skills whilst you study.

Get stuck into group projects and presentations and take up an extra-curricular activity that involves working as part of a team.

Employability skills


  1. IT Skills

The use of technology is growing in every industry which is why it is so important to develop strong IT skills while you study. The extent of your skills will depend on what career you are looking to go into but as a bare minimum you should have a solid grasp of Microsoft Office programs and email systems.

If you don’t think your IT skills are up to scratch, self-learning is your best friend!

You can teach yourself practically anything by looking online today so brush up on your knowledge and skills while you have the time.


  1. Time Management

Can you meet deadlines? Can you plan and use your time effectively? Do you arrive on time?

These are all very important to employers as your time management skills will have a big impact on your productivity at work. Your time studying should have helped you to develop these skills as you have already been planning your workload and meeting essay deadlines.

Practice scheduling your time and being realistic about how long various tasks will take.

time management graduate skill


  1. Problem Solving

We all face problems in our lives every day and businesses do too. What’s important is how we choose to tackle them. Can you stay calm and approach a problem with clear reasoning and confidence?

Remember, when you are faced with a problem take a step back and try to view it neutrally. If you can simplify what the problem is, have an open mind and focus on finding a solution you will be fine!


  1. Learning

You’re a student so of course you have this skill down, right? Well, employers look for graduates who have the ability and enthusiasm to learn quickly. When you get started in any industry there will be a lot to learn so you need to be ready to hit the ground running.

Some employers even conduct tests as part of the interview process to see how quickly you can learn new skills.

Do you need some help with learning quickly? If you can try new things at university, work on your memory and do some brain training exercises you will be able to develop this skill before diving into the world of work.


Employability skills summary:

  1. Communication
  2. Teamwork
  3. IT skills
  4. Time management
  5. Problem solving
  6. Learning

If you have these 6 skills under your belt you will be a great catch for any employer.



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