4 simple ways to demonstrate professionalism:

For many graduates, finding a graduate job and entering the world of work is a new challenge.

Demonstrating your professionalism is a great way to impress employers throughout the recruitment process and when you start your first graduate role.

Don’t worry, an expensive three-piece suit and staying late every night is not required!

  1. Proof-Read Your Emails and CV

A CV riddled with mistakes and badly written emails will not impress graduate employers.

While you don’t have to be the best writer in the world, any written communication must be error-free.

It’s easy for your writing quality to slip when you want to quickly send an email. However, spending as little as thirty seconds proofreading can help you to avoid sending a badly written email.

You could download an online spellchecker like Grammarly to help you out with this.

Good written communication will impress employers both throughout the recruitment process and when you start your graduate role, so don’t get sloppy!


  1. Plan Your Phone Greetings

While you’re looking for and applying to graduate roles, you should be ready for employers and recruiters to call at any time.

Whether it’s your first point of contact or a call later in the process, you should plan a professional-sounding greeting.

You should also set up a voicemail message on your phone as opposed to keeping a generic network message.

If you’re calling an employer, you should be prepared to leave a voicemail if they do not answer.

Remember to always leave your name and a number to call you back on.

Whenever you are on the phone you will want to avoid stumbling over your words, and saying “um” or “er” a lot can make you sound nervous and unprofessional.

If you have your greetings prepared and any key points you want to get across, you will be more confident.


  1. Look the Part

What you wear to job interviews has a huge impact on what an employer thinks of you.

If you don’t look professional and like you will fit in well with their team, they won’t hire you.

Take a look at our what to wear to an interview guide to see how you should dress to impress.

When it comes to starting your graduate role, make sure that you have an impressive work wardrobe at the ready.

Even if the company allow a more casual dress code, you should still try to look smart.

Leave the trainers and jeans at home.


  1. Ask For and Accept All Feedback

This is the last of the 4 simple ways to demonstrate professionalism but may be the most important. While looking for a graduate job, it’s likely that you will receive a few rejections along the way.

If an employer does decide not to offer you the job, you should always accept their decision and politely request some feedback.

Your feedback will help you with your next interview and even if you disagree with it, you should thank the employer and never argue back.

You never know when you might come into contact with this employer/person again, so you should always aim to leave a good impression on them.

Feedback is something that you will have to deal with professionally throughout your career.

You should be prepared to accept negative feedback and think about how you use it positively to improve.


There you have it.

These are the 4 simple ways to demonstrate professionalism.

It doesn’t take much effort to implement them, but they could make a big difference to securing a job offer and your future career.


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